About Us

Ntasa Manufacturers and Investments Ltd is registered in Uganda with No: 80020001066766 and accredited to do skilling by DIT under registration Centre number MAC/1830 in Tailoring, hairdressing, cosmetology,  Production skilling among others . The Directors have over 15 years’ experience in youth skills training that meets sustainable market as well as providing humanitarian services in refugee settings. We are accredited by DIT to conduct skilling in Uganda. DIT is a Ugandan quality assurance directorate offering nationally, regionally and internationally recognized quality assurance services for the Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVET). We offer skilling using the approach of Teaching at the Right Level where all are admitted with the basic knowledge they have and assessed and guided with career guidance to join courses that fit well their capacities We have helped with evidence learners and youth to have brighter future and over 90% of youth who passed in our hands have had decent employment opportunities.


A pragmatic-focused company with approaches progressing to unprecedented heights with dedication and hard work.

To escalate our turnover from USD 14500 to USD 20 million by year 2025


To deliver satisfying results through efficiency and commitment by consistent innovating to exceed the expectation of our clients and purvey best services and products.


Transparency – We maintain transparency in all our business transactions to build healthy
relations with our customers.
Honesty – Honesty is a vital part of our corporate ethics.
Value people – We respect each member of our team and clients, as well as their suggestions
and work for their overall growth.
Committed – We are dedicated to our clients and strive to fulfill all their product-related requirements with full fidelity.
Professionalism: Exhibit expertise in service delivery.


If partners are treated with respect and dignity, comprehensive customer education is effectively done, and NTASA Manufacturers strikes a balance between profitability and social change, a legacy with landmark can be created.


For quality assurance purposes, NTASA manufacturers and Investments Ltd applies the
following principles:

Principle Explanation
Empirical: Based upon robust and objective account of findings of the baseline documents
Participatory: The views of the stakeholders will always be reflected, and their voices will be captured
Balanced: A high degree of impartiality will be exercised by weighing issues and perceptions in a disinterested manner.
Practical: Practical or implementable solutions on the key issues of concern
Clear: Providing a concise, readable account and precise recommendations for consideration by the client and her stakeholders.

NTASA also pledges to work very closely with the proposed technical staff in LWF project team and stakeholders to ensure that specific interests of the client are captured.